Miracle Working

       Most people say. " I wanna do what your doing taking pictures and traveling". Those people don't see that I'm not doing it for me or to have awesome pictures. I'm just following gods plan for me. His voice is like my mystery map and I'm trying to solve out where he wants me next. Sometimes you get lost or scared in the process, but you always find the right way to the next destination. You may think you're called to one thing, but he may have something planned out differently for you. I thought I was suppose to be in Uganda, Africa a place very dear to my heart and a place I lived for a little over 2 months. He had different plans for me and he still does have more plans for me in the future. Don't just settle for the first thing that you think he's placed in your life be openminded. "Don't be scared to go out on a whim and listen to his voice, it might be a miracle working....." Whats your miracle working?

Seth Doyle